The Great Round

by Midnight Poncho



Work-in-progress about and for the cycle of seasons. Each song written and recorded during respective season.

"keep your shelter dry and warm/ soon the rain will start to slow/ to the forest we will go/ seek the life and sing to let it know/ that we only kill with love"


released December 21, 2012


tags: folk song


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Midnight Poncho

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Track Name: Spring
o blooming one
you still speak in colors
but what of your name?
do you still hold the rain there below your eyes?
eager to let it go and start it all to growing?
the strong glowing sun
pushes you still on
but you only flow through you
and o could it be?
that i could sing just what i see
and truth would lie therein?
here i saw

rain paintings little on the rocks below
name changing to where
the mountains and the oceans go
day arranging there as though
the sun were here to show
it all bursting forth from itself

wind blowing there resounds the edges of the all
waves going back and forth the light and dark to show
it all bursting forth from itself
Track Name: Sun Song
carrying sunlight
shade of the morning
who lays upon us
her eyes?

warming coercer
bearer of light

who could hide
from the summer light?
Track Name: Wind Song
while i climbed the mountain side
to dance in the billowing fog
you stayed on the oceanside
to sing your seabreeze song

belied by the bright of night
a-wandering the forest ways
i came from the hills to find
you sleeping in the waves

and there where the autumn moon shone
in shadows and silvery waves
we stood quietly in our awe
as the wind howled out to say

"did i show my power to you?
you there by the blue jade stones
you move like you know my song
you sing like i've spoken through you"
Track Name: Autumn
great destroyer
relinquish your breath
lay down among us
the cycles of rest

the great bear has fallen
and its blood trickles down
and turns the green leaves
crimson and brown

but how long will it take?

you've taken the daylight
and chillyed the wind
and make death for winter
to give birth to spring

but how long will it take?

o great destroyer
o taker of daylight
Track Name: Snow Song
way of the frozen water falling
i'll follow you

eyes that meet me with the morning
i'll go with you

wings that know my soul
said "let it down"

snow on the hills
the sun is rising
yawn to let it in

all through the bright air
crisp and clear
cold is coming in

keeper at the edge of the dream
said "wake to this"
Track Name: Winter
stay low winter sun
rise high o turning lights of the northern sky
so long winter moon
stay clear, the flower flame of dawn is near

old spirit home come claim your glow
the light at the edges is starting to show
and out in the meadow where winter birds go
i saw your soul

stay still chilly air
unfurl your silent song on this frozen world
up high winter crows
as they go the hemlock boughs bend down with snow

out in the meadow where winter birds go
the light at the edges was starting to show
the cold winter moon with its pale orange glow
eclipsed in the night with its secrets on told

and i saw your soul in the pale orange glow
eclipse in the night with its secrets untold